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A sine wave or sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth periodic oscillation. A sine wave is a continuous wave. It is named after the function sine, of which it is the graph. It occurs often in both pure and applied mathematics, as. The sine wave is important in physics because it retains its wave shape when added to another sine wave of the same frequency and arbitrary phase and magnitude. A sine wave is a geometric waveform that oscillates (moves up, down or side-to-side) periodically, and is defined by the function y = sin x. A sine wave or sinusoidal wave is the most natural representation of how many things in nature change state. A sine wave shows how the amplitude of a. A sine wave refers to the graphical representation of the general function. The sine wave comes with a characteristic “S” shape where it oscillates above and. One of the most common waveforms in physics is the sinusoid. Since any arbitray waveform can be generated by adding a set of sine waves, the physics governing a. Sine wave definition is - a waveform that represents periodic oscillations in which the amplitude of displacement at each point is proportional to the sine. a waveform described by the sine function: complex waveforms can be regarded as a combination of several sine waves that differ in wavelength English World. Properties of sine waves. This simplest kind of wave is often called a sine wave [ˈsajn ˌwev]. (This is pretty much the graph you'd get if you plotted the. Sine-wave speech is an intelligible synthetic acoustic signal composed of three or four time-varying sinusoids.


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